The reason why King Carlos III apologized after his new public appearance

He King Charles III He is slowly resuming his public appearances, after it was commented that after cancer was discovered he had quickly started treatment for it. One of her recent appearances was in the Buckingham Palace where he was with the president of the bank and the bank teller and some other people to whom he had to apologize sincerely for an uncomfortable reason.

As many people know, King Charles III is undergoing cancer treatment so it is something that has kept him very busy, which is the reason why he barely arrived at the meeting. He had to apologize to the people who were there because he had been late..

The people who were waiting for him there are aware that the king is not feeling well at all and that when undergoing treatment his schedule may vary from day to day, so they had no problem waiting for him and continuing the meeting when he arrived. It is undoubtedly a bad time that the British royal family and King Charles III are experiencing, who had only been a few months after being crowned king of the United Kingdom.

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