The sasaeng who harassed BTS’s V has received criminal charges

Recently, controversy had taken over South Korean social media, as V of btswas being pursued by an impulsive and harassing fan, or as this type of abusive fan is better known, ‘sasaeng’, so the ARMY had demanded HYBE to take action on the matter, and apparently he has.

In the latest reports from the commissioner of Seoul Gangnam On November 17, the situation of the sasaeng identified as ‘A’, about 20 years old or so, who was accused of violating the law on the prevention of harassment and trespassing by waiting for V in front of his residence at 6:30 pm on October 28, taking the elevator with him and starting a conversation, where he even asked him to sign a marriage certificate.

The police received the complaint and opened an investigation, resulting in several criminal charges towards ‘A’, where he received a serious restraining order, which prohibits him from approaching the Idol and/or his properties by less than 100 meters, and he was also prohibited from carrying out any act or attempt to contact him, such as calls or messages.

The entire process was carried out in a manner public to respond to the thousands of concerns and complaints from BTS fans, who were seriously concerned about the integrity, not only of V but also of all its members, who are constantly frequented by this type of harassment situations by the sasaeng .

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