The song about sexual freedom and the video that pays tribute to Rosalía

For the British singer Dua Lipa the premiere of his new song ‘Houdini has turned out wonderfully, because after marking her triumphant return to the world of music, this new single has managed to obtain more than 16 million views in just 24 hours, this being a historical record for the artist, since many did not believe that out to reach the numbers on his album’Future Nostalgia‘.

The most striking thing about the song, apart from its lyrics, is its video clip, as it is full of references. In the video, Dua Lipa is seen dancing a choreography with a group of dancers that this scene has a certain relationship with. ‘Chiken Teriyali‘by the Spanish singer Rosalia. Likewise, the British woman wanted to continue with the tributes and has dyed her hair red for this occasion, which also ended up being an emblem in the Catalan’s single ‘Motomami’.

Although this song is full of many references to other great female artists, Lipa has explained that ‘Houdini’ is a song that expresses not only freedom as a person, but also the sexual freedomwhere you can make the decision to appear and disappear in anyone’s life, since you have no commitment to anyone, so you just have to let yourself go.

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