These are the 2 trans candidates who could take the crown

The euphoria for miss Universe It is more present than ever in the midst of its 72nd edition, which has not been without controversy. This, thanks to its notable inclusion movements that have allowed the integration of a greater diversity of women who break all beauty stereotypes, as is the case of two trans candidates competing for the crown this year.

He Miss Universe 2023 is in full development from the city of San Salvador in The Savior. On November 18 will be the final gala to find out who will be the successor of R’Bonney Gabriel, but here we bring you two candidates who have given a lot to talk about for a very specific aspect; are trans women.

1. Miss Portugal: Marina Machete

Marina Machete, in addition to being the third trans woman in the history of Miss Universe, is also the first from her country to be elected.

At 28 years old and originally from Lisbon, Portugal, Marina Machete She is a model, social activist and stewardess who has stood out for carrying out various tasks to help different sectors in need in her country of origin.

“As a trans woman, I have faced various obstacles on my path, but fortunately, and especially with my family, love turned out to be stronger than ignorance,” commented Portuguese media.

2. Miss Netherlands: Rikkie Kollé

Rikkie Kollé has received great support from her home country since she was chosen to participate in Miss Universe.

Rikkie Kolle is a young 22-year-old model and actress, who began her transition at the age of 8, and at the age of 11 she already identified as a woman, so at the age of 16 she underwent a hormonal treatment to legally become a woman.

«I think I was born in the wrong body. I was born little Rik, but I wanted to be big Rikkie. The transition from man to woman became something that made me feel at home, and a transgender woman too,” she wrote on her official Instagram account. instagram.

Despite the criticsMarina and Rikkie have stood out notably in the Miss Universe concentration, thanks to their friendliness, intelligence and eloquence, conquering the fans of the Central American country.

Miss Portugal and Miss Netherlands have stood out positively at the Miss Universe 2023 concentration.

And you, do you like these 2? trans candidates of the Miss Universe 2023?

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