These are the 5 finalists for the crown according to Artificial Intelligence

Just days away from celebrating one of the most important beauty events in the world, Miss Universe 2023next November 18, the Artificial IntelligenceHe has revealed which could be the 5 contestants who would be finalists for the crown.

Among these contestants who would be closest to taking the crown, there is one who stands out from the rest because she entered thanks to the new rules that the contest has, one of them being that married women with children could now enter.

So according to this technology that is leading the internet world today, the finalists would be:

Miss Panama: represented by Natasha Vargasa 25-year-old journalist and model, who dreams of fighting to guarantee the human rights of all vulnerable people.

Miss Thailand: Anntonia Porsilda 26-year-old woman, who is inspired to help others so that by taking small steps they can achieve their dreams.

Miss Costa Rica: country that will be represented by Lisbeth Valverdeis a 28-year-old teacher who has had to fight to finally get to a beauty pageant.

miss Venezuela: Diana Silva She is another of the candidates chosen by the AI ​​as the finalists for Miss Universe 2023. At 26 years old, she is a model and cabin crew member and stands out for having previously won beauty contests.

Miss Colombia: Camila Avella She is the representative of the contest who is married and already has a little daughter, this being a new event, since on previous occasions the women who aspired to the contest had to be single and it was not possible for them to have children.

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