These BTS members had submitted their albums for the “Album of the Year” nomination at the 2024 GRAMMYS, but they were ignored

On November 10, the nominees for the GRAMMYS 2024but the members of bts They did not receive a single nomination, despite the fact that several of them sent their considerations and some even opted for the highest award, the “Album of the Year” category.

The disappointment of ARMY Not seeing any member of BTS among the GRAMMY nominees, it is very noticeable. 5 members of the group were eligible to be among the artists applicants for the prize, and four of them even sent their consideration for the “Album of the Year” category.

However, the Recording Academy He has completely snubbed them. But here we bring you the recording material that the famous kpop idols they had sent for the ceremony.


‘Jack in the Box’ is the album that Idol had submitted for consideration for the GRAMMYS. The virtual version It was released on July 15, 2022, but later a physical edition was released that was titled ‘HOPE EDITION’ and included additional tracks. It premiered on eligible dates, but was totally ignored.


The BTS leader released his third album called ‘Indigo’ on December 2, 2022. The production managed to reach number 3 in the top Billboard 200but it was not taken into account by the academy, despite the excellent reviews it received.


He dancer star of the group released his first solo album on March 24, 2023. His album is called ‘FACE’, while the main song was ‘Like Crazy’, a song that went to number one on the Billboard Hot 100. The album managed to debut in second place on the Billboard 200 list and was also praised by critics, but it has come up empty-handed.


He rapper and producer of BTS released his solo album ‘D-Day’ on April 21, 2023. He handled different genres and confirmed the enormous talent that the Idol has for creating music. It managed to position itself in second place on the Billboard 200 after its premiere.


The Idol did not release his album ‘GOLDEN’ on the corresponding dates to be eligible, but his single ‘Seven’ ft Latto if it was sent for consideration. And although many believed that the enormous success it has had would allow it to enter several categories, the reality has been different and the Golden Maknae It has also been left with 0 nominations.

Although the nominations for GRAMMYS 2024 were a goal for the members of btsIn the end, what really matters is the enormous success they have had with their solo music, being a clear sign that the ARMY will always be there to support them.

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