They report that BLACKPINK will remain with the 4 members, but without individual contracts from YG Entertainment

A new report has shocked fans of BLACKPINK who have been uncertain about the group’s future in the K-pop scene for several weeks. But now, an important media outlet has released some details of what the girls have allegedly managed to agree with. YG Entertainment.

According to what was reported by the South Korean portal ‘Naver’, The 4 members of BLACKPINK will maintain their activities as a group. However, they have assured that no exclusive contracts were signed between each member and YG Entertainment. In the future, They plan to do individual activities and join together only for Blackpink activities. under the control of the aforementioned agency.

The portal detailed that the kpop idols They recently agreed to continue “group activities” with YG. Two of the members have already signed a contract with the company, agreeing to “continue Blackpink’s activities.” Furthermore, they confirmed that the agency plans to announce the news and make it official after signing contracts with the remaining members.

However, it has not yet been clarified whether the four members will proceed to sign a exclusive contract with YG. No member has yet signed a new contract with the company, so it cannot be confirmed. Previously, it was reported that Lisa made the decision to go its own way early on, and other members are also negotiating terms with various companies.

Meanwhile, it will be waiting for YG Entertainment issue an official statement where they announce what were the new deals that they managed to agree with the members of BLACKPINKwhich until now, as ‘Naver’ explained, will continue to be a kpop group.

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