This is the most watched series on Netflix at the moment and has 7 chapters

The current most watched series within Netflix is a production truly incredible, full of quality and that has caught millions of users of the platform with its 7 chapters that have placed it at the top of the service.

‘Transatlantic’ is the series that is causing a future within Netflix. It has been created by Anna Winger and Daniel Hendleris made up of 7 chapters and since its worldwide premiere in 2023, it has been a complete success and to this day remains the most viewed on the platform.

Transatlántico, is a drama starring the actors Gillian Jacobs, Lucas Englander, Cory Michael Smith, Corey Stoll, Moritz Bleibtreu, Morgane Ferru and Dominique Horwitz. His report revived praise from the criticism and it is a fundamental part of the quality of the plot.

«Marseille, 1940. Two Americans and their allies organize an operation to rescue artists, writers and refugees fleeing Europe during the war”, relates his synopsis in Netflix.

Official trailer for ‘Transatlántico’:

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