This is the opinion of the British royal family on the series ‘The Crown’

The British royal family It is one of the most influential monarchies in the world, and thanks to that, its image is now being reflected in the successful series of Netflix ‘The Crown’, whose sixth and final season premiered today. Given that, we bring you some opinions of the members of the royalty about this production.

According to friends close to king Charles III and the queen camillarecognize that the series is “art”, as reported by journalist Kinsey Schofield, stating that the monarchs do not see the series as a biographical work, something that Netflix and the creator of the fiction have always defended, Peter Morgan.

At the beginning of 2022, the Scottish politician Anas Sarwar revealed that Charles III had spoken about the series at one point, during the opening of the parliament Scottish. Apparently, he claimed that the real story was nothing like how they showed him on Netflix.

The British newspaper Daily Express confirmed that the deceased Queen isabel II He had seen the first ten episodes of the first season, thanks to the recommendation of his youngest son, the Earl of Wessex. However, she didn’t like how they reflected their relationship. Philip of Edinburgh and his son Carlos in the second season of the story.

And finally, the prince harry and his wife Meghan Marklehave admitted on several occasions to having seen the series.

«They are not intended to be news, it is fiction, but it is loosely based on truth. It gives you a rough idea of ​​the pressures of putting in duty and service above the family and everything else and what may result from it,” the prince admitted on one occasion.

And you, what do you think about the opinions of the British royal family about the series ‘The Crown’? Enjoy the official trailer from its last season here:

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