This would be the strict rule that Infanta Sofía must comply with at the academy

As everyone already knows, the youngest daughter of the Spanish monarchs, the Infanta Sofiais currently studying high school at the prestigious international academy UWC Atlantic College of Wales, just as the Princess Eleanorand on her 17th birthday, her friends were in charge of revealing what would be a strict rule that the royal must comply with at all costs.

During her stay at the educational institution, Sofía has met many people and has become friends with many other students from various places in the world, however, being the descendant of the Spanish monarchy It does not mean that she can do whatever she wants, in fact it is quite the opposite, and unlike other students, Princess Leonor’s sister has been assigned the strict rule of taking care of your privacymeaning that neither she nor the other students can take photographs that show their face.

Or at least that was demonstrated on April 29 on Sofía’s 17th birthday, where her friends from the institution wanted to congratulate her publicly through the social networksHowever, they took into account the rule of not publishing their photos, so they decided to upload a group photo including the royal, but with the detail that they all covered their faces, “Too bad we can’t publish your face,” it said. the publication.

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