‘Toy Story 5’ will follow adult Andy looking for his old toys to give to his son

The confirmation of ‘Toy Story 5’ It’s all a fact, and the way they want the story to be treated is already a topic of discussion in Pixar. There, one of the directors of him, since the plot focuses on a Andy adult trying to look for his old toys to give to his little son.

According to what was reported by the x page (Twitter) ‘DiscussingFilm’ is looking for ‘Toy Story 5’ to focus on an adult Andy with his own family, but now with the difficult mission of searching to his old childhood toyssince you want your child to enjoy them as much as he does.

This approach comes from Pixar, specifically the director and producer Tim Allenknown for being the main creator of ‘Toy Story’ in 1995.

The fifth installment of the iconic animated saga has generated mixed reactions among fans, since many consider that it is time to give a final chapter to the story, so they believe that a fifth part is something totally unnecessary.

Meanwhile, others followers They affirm that the approach they want to give to the fifth installment is really interesting, taking into account that Andy will return to the plot, potentially awakening nostalgia among millions of fans of the film.

For now, there are no more details about when Pixar start producing ‘Toy Story 5’but it is speculated that among its plans is for it to hit theaters in 2025.

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