TXT’s Soobin and Other Idols Face Criticism for Watching Problematic Anime

Currently, the renowned member and liber of the group TXT, soobinhas been receiving some criticism after publicly saying that in his free time he consumes an anime called ‘Made in Abyss‘, which is being pointed out as problematic.

This animated series, illustrated from a Japanese manga, was created by Akihito Tsukushi and contains only 12 volumes and has been adapted into an anime in two seasons. This installment follows the life of the young woman Riku and his half-human friend, Regwho adventure across an unexplored abyss to find the mother of the aforementioned first.

Even though this ‘Made in Abyss‘ was highly praised in its beginnings for its original world and its fascinating graphics, today it is criticized for its representations of violence and pedophile content, since it includes scenes in which the protagonists are tortured almost naked, hanging without clothes, on some occasions they are wearing provocative clothing, and in many cases they mention their nudity or genitals.

Due to this controversy, netizens are now attacking the various Idols who have announced that they have watched this anime, including Soobin from TXTwho declared that he liked the story of this installment because of the fun it offers, but that he would not recommend it, since it has very provocative scenes and departures from context in general, but he did have a lot of fun watching it.

Other idols such as NCT 127’s Taeyong, SEVENTEEN’s Woozi and ATEEZ’s Mingi have also received criticism and calls for attention from their fans for saying that they have seen and like ‘Made in Abyss‘, since by saying this publicly they continue to promote the author’s story Akihito Tsukushiwho is considered a “sick genius” due to all his accusations of pedophilia.

Furthermore, according to some, this man is a «lolicon» (adult person who feels intimately attracted to little girls), all this based on his works of art and some questionable actions that he has demonstrated in several interviews.

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