TXT’s Soobin’s Personal Image Turns Negative After Video Goes Viral

The member and singer Soobin, recognized for belonging to the group TXT, in recent days, somewhat distorted his image as a ‘tender boy’ due to a video that went viral without him and another singer realizing it. At this, fans have shown a little surprise, however, they know that they in their privacy can be very different than when they are in front of their followers.

The incident occurred after Seunghan of RIIZE and Soobin were chatting on a private Instagram live, and that said broadcast went viral. While it was a joy for many to see the two members chatting, the problematic event came when the TXT member made a rude comment in front of the camera.

In a video, which is now deleted, Seunghan could be heard telling him ‘This is a fact, you can’t dance or rap, and you’re only excited because you were on Music Bank. And you met Eunchae (LE SSERAFIM)‘. There Soobin replied: ‘Wait, I have to show you something.‘, and ended up showing his foot by making a rude gesture with his middle finger.

Immediately, some fans were surprised by the fact and did not believe that the member’s ‘clean and tender’ image had been distorted in that way, since they saw him as someone who did not appear to be that way. But, on the other hand, many people on social networks understand it, since it is normal for artists of the kpop They live off their personal image and have to refrain from certain behaviors in public, while in their private life they can be freer with their expressions.

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