Users applaud Red Velvet for avoiding the “TikTok Challenge” with their new song ‘Chill Kill’

The girls of Red Velvet They finally presented their new album titled ‘Chill Kill‘and in the short time it has been available, it has already managed to captivate a large number of users and fans, who highlight the rhythm and especially the lyrics, ensuring that it is a new experience for the group with this new mix of charm and talent.

They also published the music video for the song ‘Chill Kill’, the same name as their album, and Internet users have been more than hypnotized with the new style that the girls adopted for this long-awaited comeback, but they also highlighted that the song is terrible to do dance challenges for TikTokdue to the gloomy universe that the theme reflects, where harmonious melodies and disturbing narratives take over sensational lyrics.

Far from being a bad thing, fans reacted positively, stating that they are happy that their new album was not created to focus on the viralization of classic dance challenges on TikTok, but rather is focused on captivating to the true lovers of good K-Pop.

«The song is not your typical music created just for dance challenges, so I love it. The quality of the entire album, including the B-sides, is incredible. I loved everything«, «I’m glad this doesn’t go with the TikTok challenges, just to listen to it while lying on the blankets in this cold winter«, «What a good song, it fascinates me! Something new in K-Pop«. They were some of the comments which evidenced his praise for ‘Chill Kill’.

What do you think of their new music video? If you haven’t seen it yet, you can do so below:

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