What Jungkook from BTS would have dedicated himself to if it weren’t music and KPop

Jungkook BTS is promoting his debut solo album ‘Golden‘ and for this reason he has done some interviews with different media, one of the talks was with the New Zealand radio personality Zane Lowe for Apple Musicwith whom he revealed in-depth details about his personal life.

In the middle of the talk, Jungkook was remembering what the buildings in Busan were like, and what it was like to move to the east for the first time. Seoul, where according to him, everything seemed to come from the future. Continuing with the same theme, the BTS member revealed that if he were not currently an Idol in the KPop industry, he would possibly have dedicated himself to architecture and design, although he also mentioned that he saw himself as a sports fan.

For now, his inspiration continues to be music and kpopbut he made it clear that he is open to exploring new activities, and clearly his followers, the ARMY, are the happiest with it.

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