What will he do now after his victory?

On November 18, Sheynnis Palacios made history for Nicaragua, after winning the Miss Universe 2023 becoming the first representative of her country to achieve the long-awaited crown. Now, various questions arise about what will happen after his well-deserved victory and what her first hours as the universal beauty queen have been like.

The adrenaline from the victory of Miss Nicaragua in the 72nd edition of Miss Universe, is still totally intact. The 23-year-old beauty queen has not stopped in activities since she became the winner, as she has covered photo shoots, interviews and other activities with some brands associated with the organization Miss Universe.

An exclusive source from the HOLA! portal has stated that Sheynnis will make some appearances in the Mexico City and Cancún during her first week as queen. These will be linked to the cosmetics brand Olivia Quidowhich is associated with the pageant.

In turn, the media has explained what happened to Sheynnis after her first hours as Miss UniversePalacios did this after taking the crown in El Salvador :

“Her suitcases were moved to a private suite and we took her family there to wait for her,” the Miss Universe source revealed to ‘HELLO USA’. According to the informant, the room was decorated to continue the celebration of the triumph of the communicator Nica:

“There were lots of flowers and cake. And then, hopefully, she was able to get some sleep,” the source says, referring to the adrenalin which could have kept her awake and thinking about everything that has been happening after her victory.

«The next day, we had a photo session with the famous photographer Fadil Berisha, who photographs all of our winners and many others in the contest community. We also did some more media, including a photoshoot with Getty Images,” they stated.

Today, Miss Universe 2023 is on a small media tour with the Hispanic channel Telemundo in Miami, USA. After that, she will travel to Mexico City to meet with Anne Jakrajutatip and Olivia Quido, who will have an event in the Mexican capital.

Sheynnis could rest a little on Wednesday, in order to start planning the other activities that she will have as the new Miss Universe. Among the plans, she will be getting a new life that will allow her to live in the new apartment that she will have in NYsince that city is where the organization of the contest has each of its winners throughout the year of reign.

It is expected that your reign have numerous trips and activities around the world, as each winner of the miss Universe. Sheynnis Palacios She will undoubtedly have a very productive future as a beauty queen and with the pleasant characteristic of being the first Nicaraguan to win the pageant.

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