Will Smith involved in a new controversy with one of his co-stars from ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’

For some months now the famous actor Will Smith He has been involved in different controversies regarding his ex-wife Jada Pinkett, but although this has been a little off topic, the famous celebrity has once again been the focus of the media, this time due to a problem with one of his co-stars. from the iconic series «The prince of Bel Air«.

Last Wednesday, November 15, in the middle of a conversation with TikTok star Tasha K, a man named Brother Bilaal, who identified himself as actor Will Smith’s assistant when he was younger. There he assured that there was a time when he saw the actor in the arms of one of his 58-year-old co-stars, named Duane Martinwhen they worked for «The prince of Bel Air«.

In the midst of what was revealed by Bilall, one of Will Smith’s work team wanted to ensure that these words expressed were totally false, but it was too late when he made that clarification, since his client had gone viral.

Given what happened, Will is considering taking legal action against his former personal assistant, as he did not expect this type of communication that threatens his integrity, so it is expected that one of his work team will present a report that better explains the versions of each one.

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