3 Korean series you should watch this second weekend of November

Currently, the korean series have become one of the favorite contents of many people around the world, to the point that they are now broadcast on the most famous streaming platforms such as Netflix, disney either amazonand there are even some productions that are originally created by these franchises.

Korean series are part of the culture of the same Asian country, which has expanded year after year worldwide thanks to its series and films that have excellent actors and good plots that make the viewer stay hooked on the screens, This is why for this weekend we have three recommendations prepared for you in case you don’t have any plans.

A daily dose of sun

This K-Dramaas it is also known, follows a young woman who works in a hospital, but her bosses decide to change her area for the first time. After that decision she will meet a doctor who falls in love with her immediately, and although he appears to be a cold man, The reality is that it hides some wounds.


Among the recommended Korean series we present you Sully, a young woman who died in 2019 due to a strong stage of pressure she was going through. This emotional series will show you a special episode that the young woman who dedicated herself to music recorded before her death that same year, as well as another special chapter of a small anthology in which Sulli participated.

Flower of Devil

This installment can be found on the Netflix streaming platform and deals with the life of a woman who works in the Korean police, who is in charge of the case of a serial killer who reappears in the city after several years of hide. The protagonist is married to what apparently may be the perfect man for her with whom she has a daughter; However, the girl is unaware that her husband is hiding a secret from her. dark secret that is related to the murderer you are looking for.

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