They beat the PVEM candidate in Cusihuiriachi, Chihuahua, to make him withdraw from the campaign – El Sol de México

The candidate for the Municipal Presidency of Cusihuiriachi for the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM), Gustavo Sías Lugo, publicly denounced being a victim of deprivation of liberty, robbery and violence by hooded subjects, who, according to the complaint, They demanded to withdraw from the campaign.

After being the target of the attacks, the candidate immediately went to the State Attorney General’s Office of the Western Zone District to file a complaint against whoever was responsible, in addition to informing the leadership of the PVEM in the state about what happened.

Through a statement, the PVEM candidate verbatim points out the following:

“By this means I want to publicly denounce the cowardly attack that I was subjected to this morning (May 1), at approximately 10:30 am. I was approached by a group of hooded people, who picked me up and hit me. They threatened me to give up my intention to run for the presidency of the Municipality of Cusihuiriachi in the upcoming elections. They said that this is just a warning, that if I insisted on competing I would do worse.”

“They damaged the windows of the vehicle in which a server was traveling alone, my cell phone with number 625 584 61 60 and the personal documents I was carrying were stolen by the aforementioned.”

“After the incident occurred, I requested help and received medical attention in the City of Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua. Subsequently, I appeared before the Western Zone Prosecutor’s Office of Cuauhtémoc to file a formal complaint against whoever was responsible for this direct attack on me.”

“Finally, I informed the state representative of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico about the facts previously explained to request the IEE to activate the security protocol established for these purposes.”

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“I consider it unfair that through these deplorable acts they want to restrict my constitutional right to be voted for public office. Thank God it didn’t happen to adults. I received medical attention and in a few days I will be fully recovered. God with us”concludes the writing.

It stands out that with this There are two cases of threats against personalities related to public service and politics of Cusihuiriachi, remembering the complaint he made Mayor Cayetano Ordóñez Rodríguez for threats received through his cell phone, which occurred minutes after having reported irregularities committed by the previous municipal administration.

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