Graphic Workshops deliver electoral ballots to the INE for June 2 – El Sol de México

The Graphic Workshops of Mexico delivered to the INE all the ballots and electoral materials that will be used on June 2 on the day that will renew the Presidency of the Republic and the Congress of the Union.

The general director of Graphic Workshops, Maribel Aguilera Cháirez, He noted that all electoral materials were produced with the quality and safety standards necessary to allow the population to vote, including that of Mexicans abroad, early voting and that of people in preventive detention.

Security standards include the use of security paper with watermarks and invisible inks.

These are 317 million 324 thousand 423 electoral ballots that will be used to renew the Executive and Legislative powers at the federal level.

Since March 21, Talleres Graphicos de México began to gradually deliver materials for people to vote, such as those currently used for voting abroad.

In addition to the ballots, the tally and counting records for the polling stations, the records of closing the polling stations, minutes of the election day, support guides for classifying the votes and posters of voting results at the polling station were delivered.

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Graphic Workshops also delivered 275,148 braille templates of the presidential elections, senatorial elections and deputations for people with visual disabilities.

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