Dos Bocas will begin operating in the coming weeks: Pemex – El Sol de México

Although it was promised that the Olmeca Refinery in Dos BocasTabasco, Octavio RomeroOropeza, general director of Pemexstated that in the coming weeks it will begin its refining operations.

During the president’s Friday morning conference Andrés Manuel López ObradorRomero Oropeza said that: “The Olmeca refinery is going to enter production in the coming weeks” and added that the average daily production of said plant will be 177 thousand barrels per day of fuels.

Last March, President López Obrador had assured that in April he would begin producing the Olmec refineryHowever, to date the plant has not been commissioned. Pemex.

On that occasion, the president said that The Dos Bocas refinery was going to produce 20 percent of the gasoline required by the country.

However, this Friday, Romero Oropeza justified the delay in Two Mouthssaying that it is because the refinery is made up of 18 production plants and that each of them needs to carry out tests.

Two Mouths From a construction point of view, there are 18 plants that make it up, we are in testing processes for each plant. “It is tested first with air, then with nitrogen, then hydrocarbons,” the official said.

He added that in May the tests of the diesel plant in Two MouthsRomero announced, while emphasizing that: “We still have a few weeks left.”

He also stressed that all the plants in the refinery have to be tested and noted that “there is always a piece or a screw to tighten.”

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Regarding the cost of the Olmec refineryRomero Oropeza said that it will be completed in 5 years at a cost of 16.8 billion dollars, even though it had an original budget of 8 billion dollars.

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