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Octavio Romero Oropeza, general director of Mexican Petroleum (Pemex) denied that it exists corruption in the parastatal that he heads and stressed that it is false that there is any particular company that benefits from contracts.

After an attendee at the president’s morning conference Andrés Manuel López Obrador had stated on April 29 that there were two companies benefiting from the Mexican oil company (High Performance Drilling Services and Well Solutions Equipment), the director of the parastatal said that this was false, given that Neither of the two companies mentioned had contracts with Pemex.

“These companies do not have contracts with Petróleos Mexicanos, therefore they could not have benefited. The information is false, they gave the reporter false information,” said Romero Oropeza.

“We also asked the reporter for the names of companies that had been relegated, she did not have them. She gave us an anonymous complaint that Pemex had already received since last year and that we forwarded to the Ministry of Public Administration. The Ministry of Public Function closed it on December 15 of last year, because it did not find elements of responsibility,” indicated the head of the parastatal.

The official also spoke about “leonine contracts” with the parastatal, but stressed that they have already been concluded to prevent the oil company from losing money.

In another case of conflict related to the company “TRESE” that was previously exposed in the morning, Romero Oropeza explained that it was recognized that it was a lawsuit between individuals between said company and its partners, which led them to a court case, where Pemex He handed a deposit bill to a judge to decide who should be paid for work carried out by the parastatal.

Finally, Romero said that through the judicial resolution, the judge determined to deliver the deposit ticket to the company Sistemas Integrales de Compresion, which is why he stressed that this was a case concluded for Pemex since November 27, 2023.

The owner of Pemex I assure you that to combat the corruption In the parastatal, the names of the companies were made available companies that provide service to the oil company with current contracts and amounts with payments made, as well as outstanding debts and estimated payment dates.

He highlighted that this database has received 571,382 searches and 48,000 contracts have been downloaded.

He maintained that from there “those who do not like this Government” obtain the information about Pemex.

“With these actions, we have eliminated the white-collar coyotes, those who took advantage of going to the companies and telling them ‘hey Pemex owes you and I can help you get paid’, well it is no longer necessary, because in that page says how much I owe that company and when I am going to pay them,” he indicated.

Romero Oropeza assured that when the current administration began, they found in Pemex a series of “leonine contracts” that were designed so that Pemex “You will pay penalties without getting any change.”

He highlighted that the corresponding complaints were filed and conditions were renegotiated, stopping the damage to Pemex.

As an example, he gave the contract that was had with the company Ductos del Altiplano, to whom a pipeline was rented for 5 years, paying 4.2 million dollars, without transporting anything in said pipeline.

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Romero Oropeza He explained that this contract was for 20 years, but when the agreement was detected, the payment was immediately suspended and the corresponding complaints were made and the company was notified of the intention to Pemex to conclude the contract.

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