IVE’s Wonyoung arrives at ‘Music Bank’ with an unexpected outfit

At the recent arrival event to attend the ‘Music Bank‘ the artist Wonyoung of the group IVE was the center of attention of the people and the paparazzi who were present, because He appeared with an unexpected outfit that until now has seemed very strange to his fans..

The Idol is known for her good taste in fashion and since her debut she has attracted attention for the same, since in many of the events or public outings she knows how to look truly adorable.

And although she always looks like a ‘doll’, the outfit used for the event where she would perform the new song with her group ‘HEYA‘ left everyone stunned, since no one would have expected it from her.

Wonyoung got out of a car and walked very quickly towards the event, totally covered with a blanket gray in color that did not allow much of the clothing underneath to be seen. Additionally, she walked out wearing slipper-type shoes, causing people to believe that she had just gotten out of bed and hadn’t had time to get ready.

The topic has had many comments on social networks, as some felt ‘disappointed‘ for the outfit the singer chose, while others claimed that either way she looked beautiful and adorable. The really true thing is that with that outfit or any other she was going to attract attention.

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