According to Vogue Thailand, BLACKPINK’s Lisa could be filming ‘The Walking Dead’

For a few hours now, the renowned singer and artist Lisa of BLACKPINK has become a trend on social networks among its fans, since, according to Vogue Thailand magazine, one of them noticed that the official Instagram account of the iconic zombie series ‘The Walking Dead‘, continued the Idol account, which makes many draw their own conclusions.

As was evident a few days ago, Lisa was in Thailand doing various promotions and having days off, but the rumors started when the rapper recently traveled to France and that could only mean that she would be preparing to film her scenes in the spin-off of the character’Daryl‘, as some comment that one of the characters fits perfectly into the attitude of the KPop artist, which is why her name has been ringing in recent days.

If this simple rumor turns out to be true, the artist’s life could take a tremendous turn, since she could be covering the gigantic market that acting has and who knows if in the future we will be able to see the member of BLACKPINK in much larger projects.

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