Adorable behind-the-scenes photos of ‘My Demon’ make K-drama fans happy

The K-Drama ‘My Demon’ has caused a great furor among fans of the series south koreanwho will now be able to enjoy these new behind-the-scenes photos while the production It is on a pause that will end next January.

Due to the upcoming ‘2023 SBS Drama Awards’ and ‘2023 SBS Entertainment Awards’, ‘My Demon’ will not be broadcast as usual on December 29 and 30. Instead, the drama will return with episodes 11 and 12 on January 5 and 6.

But now, the production has shared several images from behind the scenes of the upcoming chapters, exciting all fans of the series.

«The relationship between Do Do Hee and Gu Won, who put their destinies on the line in order to protect each other, will grow further. Gu Won will also face another change after regaining his powers.”

“Where will the roulette of destiny?” they continued. “As their feelings grow deeper, the secret of their relationship will be revealed unpredictably until the end.”

Check out some of the images behind the scenes of the new episodes of ‘My Demon’:

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