All BLACKPINK members have successfully renewed their contracts with YG Entertainment

The good news has finally arrived for all fans of BLACKPINKand after so many rumors and gossip about the renewal of their contracts, finally the record agency YG Entertainment has issued a public statement confirming that the four members of the K-Pop female musical group BLACKPINK have successfully renewed their contracts.

«We have successfully completed the new agreements in our board of directors regarding the signing of new exclusive group contracts for the four girls members of the band.«reported company executives. And this is great news that not only excites the BLINKSbut also alleviates all the concern that fans felt about knowing what would happen to the girls’ professional destiny.

As extra information, you should know that although Rose, Jisoo, Lisa and Jenny They made the decision to continue with group activities, the issue with their contracts as soloists is still pending. According to Munwha Ilbotwo of the girls have already made the decision to separate from the YG Entertainment record agency, but don’t worry! We are talking about their individual careers.

Congratulations to BLACKPINK for kicking off another new season by delighting all their fans with their charm and talent as a unit!

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