ARMY criticizes Weverse magazine and HYBE for downplaying BTS’s RM work

The ARMYs, followers of the group btsare furious and have shown their outrage through social networks, after Weverse magazine and the company HYBE supposedly disrespected the member RM in a new article.

As fans of this group will remember, in 2017 the song ‘Spring Day‘, in which RM made a great contribution to the lyrics, which so far has impacted many people in the world. And it was precisely on this topic that the magazine shared an article in which he showed part of what the process was, but also why it was so important for people.

What caught the attention, but also filled the fans with fury, was that although RM contributed greatly to making it so special, only They mentioned it only once in the entire article.. For this reason, when the publication was shared, Internet users without thinking much went against the agency and the magazine, because they considered that the singer’s role was important, and not mentioning it as it should, made it seem that he didn’t impact enough.

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