Bad Bunny burst into tears at a recent concert in the United States

The Puerto Rican Rag Picker Bad Bunny became sad at his most recent concert in New York City, state Joined. There, the composer also felt quite nostalgic while giving a show that was quite atypical of what he usually does with his excited audience, provoking different reactions to his mood.

On Friday Bad Bunny performed at NY for their ‘Most Wanted’ world tour from the Barclays Center. There, the ragpicker showed a somewhat dull mood, which ended up leading him to burst into tears.

I’m just any human being, I have sad days And other days when I just don’t know how I feel”said the ‘Monaco’ singer while the audience shouted euphorically.

Following that, the ragpicker He asked the public for help and pounced on a piano queue to sing without any other accompaniment the song ‘Por100to’, which brought him to tears again, and another song about old heartbreak that went off the script of the previous dates of the tour, ‘Amorfoda’, which the fans chanted at the top of their lungs. lung.

As expected, the tears of Bad Bunny They quickly got something to talk about in the networks socialensuring that perhaps the Puerto Rican singer would feel somewhat sad about a personal situation he would be going through.

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