‘Barbenheimer’ confirmed, Margot Robbie and Cillian Murphy will be face to face for the return of “Actors on Actors”

In the summer of 2023, one of the largest cinematographic fights in all of history took place between the ‘Barbie’ films of Margot Robbie and ‘Oppenheimer’ Cillian Murphywith the aim of becoming the highest-grossing film of 2023, and although both achieved impressive numbers at the box office, it was the delivery of the Mattel doll that took the crown.

Being released at the same time, this created one of the movements called ‘Barbenheimer‘, which alludes to both successful films, which although they had a few months of struggle in the cinemas, today their protagonists are preparing to appear together in a well-known program called ‘Actor on Actors‘.

This renowned series from the Variety network will have its return next year 2024 along with some of the most important actors of the moment in the race towards the next Oscar awardsand what better way to have a triumphant return than by presenting Margot Robbie and Cillian Murphy together in the same space.

In this new season, which is coming for ‘Actors on Actors‘, Variety confirmed the couples of actors who will be present for their program, and the most surprising thing is that they managed to bring together the Australian actress and the Irish actor in the same place, where they would talk about common issues and practices of the film industry, and for everything What happened this summer, everyone is eager for the two to be face to face.

Likewise, it is expected that as the protagonists of two of the great films of recent times, the colleagues can touch on topics about their starring films.

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