Ben Affleck’s daughter also declares herself as a “non-binary” person

Seraphina Rose Affleckthe daughter of the actor and filmmaker Ben Affleck along with the actress Jennifer Garner, has also come out as a non-binary person. She has done it in the middle of an important public event for her family, calling herself now as “End“.

Seraphina Affleck, the 15-year-old daughter of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, announced his name and gender change in the middle of a religious celebration for the death of his maternal grandfather.

The minor took the microphone to read a section of the Bible and at the beginning of her speech she said: “Hello, my name is Fin Affleck“, thus confirming that he has decided to change his gender and now become a person”No binary“.

“We are grateful for Dad’s kind demeanor and quiet strength. Because of how he joked with a mischievous smile and because of the way he played the role of dad, always patient. “We are grateful for his work ethic, leadership and faith,” said the young woman.

During his advertisementhe was wearing a jacket and tie, an elegant wardrobe with a military and essentially masculine cut.

Until now, neither Ben Affleck neither Jennifer Garner They have spoken about the situation, but the former couple are believed to be fully supportive of their daughter.

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