BLACKPINK’s Jennie Officially Announces She Has Established Her Own Agency

Currently, the world of KPop is going through an incredible revolution after yesterday Jenny The renowned group BLACKPINK made official the launch of their new record label ‘ODDATELIER‘, which made many fans excited and made investors from the big agencies think about whether to continue with them or bet on the famous Idol.

After all the commotion caused, on this December 24, Jennie from BLACKPINK He personally confirmed the launch of his new agency OA on social networks, at the same time that he shared the logo of his new firm with his followers. Along with this, the girl band member said:

Hello, this is Jennie.

This year 2023 was full of many goals and I am grateful for all the love I have received. I’m also excited about my new project coming up as I’ll be starting my solo career next year with a company I’ve created called OA. I hope you please show a lot of love and acceptance to ODD ATELIER, and of course BLACKPINK too, thank you very much.

Although Jennie made the announcement of her new company last November of this year, many Internet users commented on networks that said project would be a new beginning for 2024, but it never occurred to them that this announcement could be the best way to close the current year.

From World Music We wish BLACKPINK’s Jennie and her new company the best.’ODDATELIER‘, because we know that the artist is made for great things.

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