Britney Spears revives a conflict with Jennifer Lopez because of actor Ben Affleck

The artist Britney Spearswho has always been very controversial and controversial due to her actions, once again attracts attention, but this time focusing on a couple who until now has shown that their love is stronger than time and problems, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.

This time Britney Spears wanted to publish a black and white photograph in which she appears with the actor and the composer Diane Warren. Although the photo seemed like a normal memory, what he wrote in the post of his publication is what has really surprised Internet users.
Specifically he mentioned:

What a cool photo of me, Ben Affleck and Diane, from a few years ago. He is a great actor, but I forgot to mention that that night I kissed BenHonestly, I had forgotten it, how crazy!

Clearly, her last words implied that there has always been a conflict between her and Jennifer López and even revivedWell, even in 2020, when Jennifer and Ben were dating, he was the protagonist of some romance rumors with the Pop singer. She even always seemed to go further, because in the video for her single ‘I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll’ She has Ben’s name and what seemed to be his number painted on her hand, thus giving many more hints of the flirtation that may have existed between the two.

After that moment, she decided delete the photo from your social networks; However, it was too late, as Internet users had time to take a screenshot and spread the publication.

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