BTS’ Jin remembers with nostalgia when they were dissed at a Billboard Awards event in the United States

A Disney+ documentary has caused fans of bts remember in the company of Jin the sad moment that everyone had at the Billboard Awards. The South Korean band that debuted in 2013 always had in mind to be widely recognized, but like everything, at first things were not easy.

The Disney+ documentary titled ‘BTS Monuments‘ remembers the exact moment in which the members attended awards of this magnitude for the first time, when the band was not yet so recognized outside of Asian culture.

In one of the chapters it was revealed through Jin and the other members that they were treated as ‘Unknown people‘at the awards held in Las Vegas, there they made comments such as ‘Why are they so popular?‘, ‘And who are they?‘, ‘The idol group I’ve never heard of‘.

As if this were not enough, the members present could also feel very uncomfortable with the looks of people who did not fully understand who they were, and even worse when they received the award for being ‘Best Artist of the Year‘, RM asserted that he was always ‘doubtful of the award, I felt like they were doing it for us, I always wondered what it would have been like if we were a more competent band at that time‘.

The docuseries that talks in depth about many BTS topics already has four episodes of eight available on Disney+.

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