BTS’ V earns a comical nickname in the military after his memorable promotion

Recently, V of BTS has become a sensation within the ARMY after just days of starting his mandatory military process, the famous Idol is decorated as group leader, an achievement that has excited many of his fans, because they know that if he was chosen In this way, it was for his work and recognition.

Although the ARMY is celebrating this, a comical rumor has begun to circulate on social networks, and that is that some users have nicknamed V from BTS as ‘Apprentice who eats well‘, after an Internet user who claimed that one of his friends worked as a nutritionist at the training center where the BTS member is, told him that the Idol is always asking for some extra food and that sometimes he feeds himself with a double portion , being the first to raise his hand when someone asks if the recruits want more.

Given the comical nickname, more Internet users joined this movement, adding that although V from BTS has a toned physique, the Idol has always been a glutton, since even he himself has confirmed it. However, others commented that perhaps this ‘apprentice who eats well‘is due to the promise he made to his fanswith respect to the fact that he will gain more muscle mass and more resistance to give his best in his future Shows.

So many imagine that the Idol must be facing double training sessions to achieve the goal that he agreed upon, which causes V from BTS to have double or triple his appetite than before, in order to recover his energy and continue making efforts.

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