Cardi B and Offset are caught together in New York after their breakup

Recently, the famous rappers and now ex-partner Cardi B and Offset They became a trend on social networks after both were captured very stealthily together in New York City, pleasing a fan who took photographs with both artists but separately.

About a month ago, Cardi B was in charge of breaking the news to all her followers that she and her ex-husband had separated for personal reasons, also adding that he sometimes treated her badly, however, given these allegations, the rapper member of Migos has not made any disclosures so far. At the same time, in this separation both have found themselves in a strong controversy with the owner of their old house, and he sued them for damages to the property, since it was delivered to him completely destroyed and owing money for the rent. .

Last Thursday, a fan of both decided to share on her social networks a small collage of photos that she took with the rappers and their little pet, fulfilling one of her greatest dreams. However, what Internet users realized was that in a small clip that is making the rounds on the internet, after this photograph both rappers were seen hanging out together in New York City, well Cardi B He was wearing the same purple hood as in the photograph with his fan.

This outing occurred a day after the now ex-couple denied that they are apparently reconciling after spending the Christmas with his two childrensince everything seems to indicate that both have officially taken different paths.

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