Craig Gillespie could be in charge of directing the DC project, ‘Supergirl’

D.C. is in a stage of renewal, who together with James Gunn hope to be able to meet all the fans’ expectations with this new beginning in the DCEU (DC Extended Universe), one of the company’s most ambitious projects is ‘Supergirl‘, a character that has been in the spotlight for some time and now, new reports are coming to light about who could be the lucky one to direct his script.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Craig Gilliespie would be in talks to take the direction of ‘Supergirl: The Woman of Tomorrow‘. With Gillespie at the helm, DC gains very valuable experience, and the director is very well recognized in the industry for his style in productions such as Cruellaof disney,

The film will star the talented ‘House of The Dragon’ actress, Milly Alcockwho will take on the role of Kara Zor-El. DC Studios is still busy with the production of the new Superman movie, so the film’s release date is currently unknown.

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