Disney+ removes one of the Marvel series from its catalog in the United States without prior notice

Currently, the famous Streaming platform Disney+, has taken all its users by surprise by having eliminated without prior notice one of the Marvel animated series most viewed by all viewers. For this December 5th the followers have found that ‘The Spectacular Spider-Man‘ has been eliminated from its ranks in the United States.

So far, the large film company has not made an official statement about this elimination of the series, but some experts claim that this is due to the expiration of some Streaming licenses, since of course some series from the Marvel universe can be difficult to distribute, and much more if they do not belong to the Marvel universe of Kevin Feige.

This news, which was shared byr Disney+ InsiderI left all the fans very disappointed, since ‘The Spectacular Spider-Man‘ had had an incredible acceptance by users, who hoped that in the coming seasons the appearance of new villainsbut right now this will be something impossible to see.

How do you feel about this news?

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