Fans say Red Velvet has the coolest concept art

The girls of Red Velvet are about to present their new album titled ‘Chill Kill‘ and with this they have been presenting several images referring to their album, photographs and artistic representations that according to internet users are always the coolest and easiest to interpret.

This October 27, Red Velvet released a new series of images that embody the concept of their new album and fans of the kpop (mostly Koreans) have assured that they are sensational due to all the references that can be noticed in them, they even affirm that the images perfectly convey what the reality of South Korea is currently.

Very soon after the photographs were published, Internet users were eager to give their opinions on these graphics, «The screens, the tiger, this represents the modern Korean era, it reminds me of the Handmaiden and Thrist movies«, «The photographer of these images is really talented«, «Red Velvet definitely always offers us the best concepts in their albums«, «I’m more of a fan of male KPop groups, but this really makes me very envious«. They were some of the comments of several lovers of this culture.

On the other hand, the ReVeluv (as their fans call themselves) continue to be aware of every detail and revelation about the next album by the Red Velvet girls, so each publication referring to ‘Chill Kill’ does nothing but cause a strong furor, let us remember that this new album stands out as the great return of the female musical band after a time out of tune. The album will go on sale on November 13 of this year.

What do you think of these artistic concepts that have adopted the image of their next album?

How do you feel about this news?

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