Felix from Stray Kids uses his vacation time for a beautiful cause abroad

Internet users are surprised after learning that Felix of the group Stray Kids He is donating much of his vacation time to social causes abroad. The positive influence of the Idol has been a trend on social networks, because through his work he has managed to demonstrate that he is not only good at his main profession, singing, but that he can also be very collaborative regarding what future generations need most.

In the photographs you can see Felix wearing a cotton shirt. UNICEFwhile extending a helping hand to a couple of children who are in a low-income region.

Quickly the Internet users, who saw the photographs of the Idol, could not stop commenting on the great example that he was giving to all his fansHe’s an angel, I’ve never seen an idol do volunteer work so happy.‘, ‘He is full of love, he constantly shows it with his donations‘, ‘He is a very kind person‘.

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