Followers of Dave Bautista believe that the actor will be part of the DC franchise

As many already know, the film franchise D.C. is directed by the renowned director James Gunn which has among its plans to make a total reboot of this entire universe in order to bring back the golden age to this great company.

One of the things that many highlight about the well-known actor is for working again with actors with whom he has already had experience, and this time perhaps he has his sights on the former WWE wrestler and now actor, Dave Bautista, with whom work on the trilogy of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘, and today Gunn as Head of DC seems to want to give the actor an important role.

Recently, the actor Dave Bautista He shared a photograph on his Instagram stories next to the Warner Bros offices, which is where the next films in the film franchise are recorded and planned. In addition, the official account of the film studio reacted to this publication and, as expected, director James Gunn.

It should be remembered that in the past Dave Bautista said publicly that one of his wishes was to play the Batman villain, baneHowever, his enthusiasm faded when Gunn commented that they needed a younger actor to play this character for a long time. But perhaps that was not all for the actor, since since then he has been seen in some meetings with the famous director, which makes his fans believe that an important role could be brewing for him.

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