His father’s cancer and the future of the British Crown

With everything that the British Crown is currently experiencing, the prince william At this moment he is the one who is standing up for the future of the monarchy, since we must remember that his father, King Charles III, is facing a type of cancer, his wife Kate Middleton is recovering from abdominal surgery, and Prince Harry has no longer belonged to royalty for several years.

Many royal experts have reported that Prince William’s weight on your shoulders is more than expectedbecause in addition to having to face the responsibility of acquiring a more leading role in the monarchy to replace his father, he must also continue with his projects as Prince of Wales and take care of his family.

Although the future of the King is uncertain, Prince William must begin to carry out activities as the highest monarch of the United Kingdomalthough it is not yet, and this will be what will have to be demonstrated in the following months or years in which King Carlos III shows improvement.

It is said that the duke of cambridge will take on a role novel in the monarchy, since the importance of problems such as the environment, the homeless and helping the sick shows that he is committed to the role he will eventually play.

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