How much money has Shakira earned with her songs dedicated to Gerard Piqué?

Since the break between Shakira and Gerard Piquéthe famous Colombian star has released several songs dedicated to his ex and the experiences after his media separationwhich is undoubtedly one of the topics that still continues to be talked about on the Internet.

With the recent admission of guilt that Shakira has made regarding her legal judgment against the Spanish treasury, concerns have arisen about the artist’s fortune and, above all, how much money has she earned with the songs What has he used to throw harsh darts at Piqué?

According to what was reported by the American magazine ‘Forbes’, the ‘Waka Waka’ singer He has earned more than 20 million dollars with the songs that he has dedicated to his ex-partner. The Colombian star, before the separation was announced, had been going through a bad streak of popularity in the musicso various experts affirm that thanks to this controversy she has resurfaced again.

‘Te Felicito’, ‘Music Sessions Vol 53’, ‘Monotonía’, ‘Acrostico’ and ‘TQG’ have been the songs inspired by their breakup. Shakira He has taken all possible advantage of them and has turned the event into a media coverage.

Gerard Piqué, for his part, has made it very clear that he does not care at all what his ex-partner does. For the former footballer, Shakira She is no longer important in his life except for being the mother of his children, but even so, he does not maintain a good relationship with her in that area.

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