Hunter Schafer from ‘Euphoria’ confessed that he had an affair with Rosalía

Hunter Schaferthe renowned actress and model of the series ‘Euphoria‘ from HBO Max, detailed a few days ago and through an interview that he would have had a romantic relationship with Rosalia a few years ago, even though she was not dating Rauw Alejandro.

The two stars have been seen attending different events such as concerts, parades and others for many years, which would have caused fans to believe that there was a simple friendship and an enviable complicity between the two. The truth is that in all these outings, apparently, what the two did was fuel the romance that the actress talked about much more.

Hunter Schafer, 25, is a transgender person who confessed in the GQ magazine that The two were more than just friends.. In the middle of her conversation with the magazine about her romantic relationships, the journalist was insistent on asking her if she had dated someone famous and someone with whom she had gone furniture shopping (Rosalía), the actress said yes without mentioning names, however According to the media’s story, he then asked him directly about an affair with the singer with whom he had been seen buying furniture.

Given this, GQ magazine reported: ‘The actress specified it and is happy to confirm that they dated for about 5 months between autumn and winter of 2019, when she was not yet with Rauw Alejandro‘. After this, Hunter clarified that to this day he has a very beautiful friendship with her, and that they will always be family, no matter what happens.

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