“It has flaws, lies and errors everywhere”

The premiere of the sixth season of ‘The Crown’ in Netflix has generated all kinds of comments among public opinion, since it means the closure of the story and the narrative of the last months of the life of the iconic Princess Diana of Wales. However, the British media have not agreed with the narrative that the platform has given to the series, highlighting all the errors they have perceived after the premiere of its first four episodes.

The renowned criticism Caryn Jameswho is part of the journalistic staff of the BBCthe most important media network in the United Kingdom and the largest in the world, has cruelly criticized the sixth season of ‘The Crown’, based on the arrival of its first 4 chapters to the Netflix streaming platform.

For James, the last season that is full of errors, lies and weak performances in the repo, focusing mostly on the performance of Dominic West in the role of then Prince carlos.

«In its sixth and final season, The Crown does not waste a second in reaching its most obvious and imminent event, the death of Lady Di«James began in his harsh criticism of the production.

“Instead of correcting the near-disaster that was the fifth season, it leans on its major flaws, including the poor performance of the earthy Dominic West as Prince Charles and the endless, unilluminating reconstructions of images and real videos that have already become part of the collective imagination, recognizable throughout the world, even for viewers too young to remember the decade of 1990 or the death of Princess Diana,” he stressed.

The journalist nothing was saved, and he stated that there is mistakes and clumsiness everywhere, despite the fact that only four episodes of the last season have been released. However, she believes that everything will be the same with the rest of the story, since she classified it as “a weak invitation.”

“There is clumsiness and failures everywhere, right down to the stark contrast between Diana’s sun-drenched days and the dark wood and shadows within the Buckingham Palace. A paparazzi who photographs Diana says of her profession: ‘You have to be like hunters, murderers,’ another weak, poorly veiled invitation to fill the void,” he concluded.

Some experts were already expecting these reactions from british mediawho have not hesitated for a single moment to question what Netflix has done with ‘The Crown’emphasizing that the only objective is to tarnish the image of the British royal family.

Official trailer for the sixth season of ‘The Crown’ on Netflix:

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