IU and Park Bo Gum surprise with a drastic change of appearance for their new Netflix K-drama

UI She is one of the most mentioned artists of recent months in South Koreaand this is due to her extraordinary talent and charisma, two characteristics that have made her gain strong popularity in the entertainment industry, and now, she once again takes all her fans by surprise with a new and drastic change of look.

The singer and actress is currently working with Park Bo Gum to give life to their characters in the new K-drama that Netflix is found producing called ‘When Life Gives You Tangeries‘, a plot that takes place between two high school students in the 1950s on the island of Jeju, and after a year the streaming platform has shared some official images of the series, revealing a little more of what is to come with this new story.

Of course, the first thing fans noticed was the look of IU, who along with Park Bo Gum, They looked incredibly younger.and due to their roles, both actors had to undergo intense days of makeup, since they will have to play two students from a high school.

“How beautiful IU looks, she looks much younger, it’s surprising,”They look like they have aged backwards.“, “I don’t know if it’s makeup or computer effects, but her appearance looks sensational,” “I don’t know much about this K-drama, but I was surprised with the look they gave the characters,” were some of the comments that showed the unexpected change of the actress.

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