IU surprises her fans after looking “frustrated” in a new video

UI has been one of the South Korean singers and songwriters who has gained the most popularity in recent weeks, and it is not only because of her recent collaboration with V of btsbut also for her great talent and charisma, which is why she normally maintains a fairly lively and positive attitude, however, recently the Idol left an unusual impression in a new video.

Users are aware of IU’s cheerful personality, so she drew strong attention when her fans noticed her “frustration” while he was participating in one of the entertaining programs of Pixideverything was going great at the beginning, but the situation became uncomfortable when the participants began to describe the stories they had gone through.

But it wasn’t until one of the girls wrote about the horrible experience What happened to one of her friends with an interviewer, where he told her that he didn’t want to waste time, since he saw her as a bit fat, at this point, IU had her blood boilingso he exclaimed that he couldn’t believe there were still people like that in this world.

Then, another of the girls who were participating in the game commented about the time a customer started harassing her with inappropriate comments and perverts about her appearance while working, and it was there that the singer could not stand her gestures of frustration and disgust when reading this, facial expressions that her fans noticed instantly.

“Wow, I’ve never seen IU as frustrated as she is in this episode, although I understand why, It amazes me to see her that way“, “the disgusted face she made says it all, I would also be frustrated with this behavior of some people”, “IU is an angel, she simply can’t handle so much pervert that there is in the world”, were some of the comments which demonstrated the astonishment of some fans at the idol’s unusual gestures.

Below you can see the full chapter, with subtitles auto-generated by YouTube:

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