Jungkook pursues V into military service and wants to join the same unit

The recent live meeting of Jungkook with his BTS colleagues V , RM and Jimin, has left several surprises for his fans. One of them corresponds to the wishes of the youngest member of the group to go to school. special forces unit in its service militarywhich he will begin to fulfill in December, but which he will not be able to do in this place due to a problem with his physical appearance.

Through the live broadcast that the BTS members did on the platform weverse to say goodbye to his fans, some details were revealed about the place where Taehyung will fulfill their military service, since they will soon enlist in the Army.

There, the Idol explained the reasons why you have chosen the special forces unit of korea Southarguing that he wants to demand more of himself and stating that he now sees it as a goal.

But in the middle of the conversation and to everyone’s surprise ARMY, it was confirmed that Jungkook also pursued Taehyung’s wishes to join the same commando. However, and thanks to the large number of tattoos he has on his body, he cannot be part of that unit, since these types of decorations are not allowed for soldiers.

He Golden Maknae He will complete his military service with his partner Jimin on an army base, so you won’t be entirely alone in this adventure. However, and as some may already know, the Idol has been related to V on various occasions, to the point that the term has even been created “Taekook” and theories have even been created stating that they are boyfriends, which has never been confirmed.

In the short live broadcast, the four members of bts They took the opportunity to ask the ARMY They wait until 2025, the year in which they hope to be reunited as a group again.

And you, would you have liked Jungkook completed his military service with V ?

How do you feel about this news?

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