Karina from aespa admitted to feeling insecure with a part of her body, and her fans couldn’t stand it!

Karina of aespa She is without a doubt one of the Idols of the K-Pop most charismatic and talented there is, and in the eyes of all her fans she is simply perfect, but this is not what the artist thinks and she recently admitted that there is a part of her body that has always made her self-conscious and made her feel insecure about herself.

In the recent chapter of NPOP starring the girls of aespa, Karina confessed that far from being a perfect woman, she said that her arms are shorter than normal and that this not only bothered her, but made her feel that something was wrong with her body.

Immediately, fans could not stand the dancer’s self-criticism and began to reject this statementothers simply denied having noticed that detail, which although true, does not define absolutely anything negative, “Does he really have shorter arms? I had not noticed that, nor did it ever cross my mind,” ” It’s true! But I think she looks cuter that way,” “There’s nothing wrong with her, her arms make her look more adorable,” were some of the comments that defended Karina.

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