Karol G is accused of doing playback in Mexico, and her response was more than forceful

The Colombian artist Karol G He constantly faces rumors about his personal life and career, one of the most recent has been that Feid’s current partner would supposedly be doing playbacks in their showsa fact that provoked fury in her, giving a response that left more than one speechless.

On February 8 and 9, Karol G performed concerts in Mexico, specifically in the Azteca Stadium, being precisely in this place where several Internet users pointed out that the artist would be performing playback, that is, synchronizing her lips with a song in the background, to simulate that she is the one who is actually singing. Faced with the fact, the artist did not hesitate to remain silent and she responded a little furious.

I have tried too hard, I have trained my voice, my body and my physical condition to be able to perform on a tour like this. It is really very crazy that the more the project grows, the more people look for ways to demean, overshadow or discredit, but the truth is this is gasoline for me, to study, prepare and be at the level of all the blessings I receive. The more beautiful things happen to me, the harder I work because I respect what I do.

With these words, Karol G flatly denied that she was performing some type of playback, and clearly her true fans have come out in support of the singer, reposting several of the videos where it is clear that she is the one who sings at her concerts.

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