Kate Middleton and Prince William’s plans for 2024 are leaked

He prince william and Kate Middleton They have had a somewhat busy month of December, recently the plans that both Princes of Wales have for the first half of next year have been revealed, each of them being positive for them as well as for their young children.

One of the most anticipated plans is the reception of a new member for Kate Middleton’s family, since her brother James Middleton and his wife Alizee Thevenet They are expecting their first child, who will be named Iñigo, something that will be a cause for celebration for the Middletons. At the same time, Prince William and his wife, Kate, will be waiting for their children to return to school, including Prince George, as they will begin an important academic stage in 2024.

For the eldest son princes of walesnext year will be full of challenges, as he will attend an important boarding school that his father also attended and studied in his childhood, Eton College, or the Marlborough that Kate attended, so this important step has also become a priority for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge by 2024.

Their busy schedule also included an important international trip to Rome, Italy, for personal reasons and those of the British royal crown, an aspect that would be fine at least for Kate, who in 2023 did not leave the United Kingdom compared to her husband who was in Singapore, Poland and the United States. Likewise, both have plans to be more involved with the royal crown, since as is well known William will be the next heir and due to the age of his father, it is best for the prince to take on that role.

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